jb davies

  • A Russian Ballet3:48
  • Alec's Song3:09
  • Kaleidoscope2:52
  • Tale of Two Sisters3:50
  • Fur Elise - Ludwig Beethoven4:23
  • Big Top3:10
  • Insomnia3:04
  • So Long3:35
  • Dream Catcher3:26

Acknowledgements - I'd like to thank all those responsible for nurturing my maturation as a fingerstyle guitarist. In particular I'd like to thank Stephen Bennett, Craig D Andrea, Antione Dufour, Mark Hawks, Andy Mckee, Billy Mclaughlin, Isato Nakagawa, Don Ross, Masa Sumide, and countless others. You have touched my life musically and my soul.

Guitars - For the recording I used a Kevin Ryan Mission Grand Concert comprised of African Blackwood/Sitka Spruce (www.SchwartzGuitars.com), a Blanchard equoia comprised of Koa/itka Spruce (www.Blanchardguitars.com). The pictured guitars are a Greenfield G4 Fanned Fret comprised of Ziricote/European Spruce, a Greenfield G4 comprised of Koa/European Spruce (www.greenfieldguitars.com) and a Schwartz Oracle comprised of Brizilian Rosewood/Engleman Spruce.

Guitar TechnicianJim Rawlings (www.Rawlingsguitars.com

Pickup SystemLive I use the Duncan/Turner Acoustic Research Timber-Line piezo (www.D-TAR.com) combined with a specially made Seymour Duncan magnetic sound-hole pickup with a microphone placed on its backside (www.seymourduncan.com). A stereo cord is used to blend the signals through a D-TAR Solstice Pre-amp.

Recording - Ray Goodman at Rancho Rayo Studio

Additional Mastering - Eric at Solid Sound Recording, Ann Arbor, MI

CD Design Layout - Annie Capps (www.maynardmusic.com)

Abstract Artwork - Geroge Graveldinger (www.georgegraveldinger.com

Photography - George Hesser (www.georgehesserphotography.com), Al Williams (www.Alwilliamsphotography.com), Allison Davies (cover)

Acrylic Nails - Kelly Goldsworthy at Tips, Tans and Toes

Body - Sharon Gibson of E 3 Fitness, Molly Marshall of the Yoga Shelter (www.yogashelter.com)

Inspiration - Lisa Prosser

Fingerstyle guitar music and art

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