REpertiore 3/2017

Six String Guitar

Clockshop(McLaughlin) (CGDGAC)
Soulmates (McLaughlin) (CADGAC)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (McLaughlin) (DADGAC)
Hold onto Forever (McLaughlin) (DADEBA)
South by Winterwest(McLaughlin) (DADEBA)
Breaking of the Shells (McLaughlin) (DADEBA)
Kaleidoscope (Davies) (DADEBA)
Helms Place (McLaughlin) (DADEBA)
Stormseeker(McLaughlin) (DADEBA)
DADEBA Ditty (Davies) (DADEBA)
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies(Tchaikovsky) (EADGBE)
Alec’s Song(Davies) (DADGBE)
Linus & Lucy(Guaraldi) (DADGBE)
Yalta (Schwartz) (DADGBE)
So Long (McLaughlin) (DADGBE)
Dream Catcher (Nakagawa) (DADGBE)
Afraid to Dance(Ross) (EBDEBE)
Berkley Springs (Ross) (EG#BEBE)
Falling for Twelves (D’Andrea)(DbGDEBbF)
Big Top (Davies) (DGDGBD)
Penny For Your Thoughts(Frampton) (DGDGBD)
Eleven Small Roaches(Hedges)(CGDGBD)
Rainbow Chaser (Nakagawa)(DADF#BD)
Mah-Jong Piece (Nakagawa)(DADF#BD)
The Sprinter (Nakagawa)(DADF#BD)
Shishi Odori (Nakagawa)(DADF#BD)​
Layover (Hedges) (DACGCE)
The First Ride (Ross) (FACGCE)
Funky C Funky Do (Petteway)(CGCGCD)
Crazy (Ross) (CGCGBbC)
Midnight March (Ross)(EACGCD)
Elevation Music (Ross)(CGCFBbD)
Dracula (Ross)(CGCFBbD)
Spiritual Groove (Dufour)(CGCFBbD)
Lucy Watusi (Ross) (DACFCD)
This Dragon Won’t Sleep (Ross)(CEbEbFCD)

The Pink Panther (Mancini)(CGDGAD)
Agariko Daioh (Nakagawa)(CGDGAD)
The White Pass Trail (Juber)(DADGAD)
Ragamuffin (Hedges)(DADGAD)
After Dark (Petteway)(DADGAD) Capo 2
Waltz for Rebecca (Petteway)(DADGAD)Capo 4
Pavane (Juber) (DADGAD)
Bob’s Your Uncle (Juber)(DADGAD)
Pass the Buck (Juber)(DADGAD)
Silhouette (Juber) (DADGAD)
Topaz (Sumide) (DADGAD)
Tale of Two Sisters (Davies) (DADGAD)
Drifting (McKee) (DADGAD)
Sligo Creek (Petteway)(DADGAD)
Thin Air (Ross) (DADEAE)
Candleman (McLaughlin) (DADDAD)
Insomnia (Davies) (DADDAD)
Church Bells (McLaughlin) (DADDAD)
Cannon in D (Pachelbel) (DADDAD)

Baritone Guitar
Tight Trite Night (Ross)(BEADF#B)
King Street Suite (Ross)(BEADF#B)
Russian Ballet (Davies)(BEADF#B)
Ludwig Goes To Heaven (Beethoven – Led Zepplen)(BEADF#B)
Down a Kansas Road (Bennett) (BEADF#B)
Standing Still (D’Andrea)(C#EG#DF#B)

Harp Guitar
Because It’s There
Channeling Michael (Davies) GBbCAD/EADEAD
The Double Planet (Hedges) GF#C#AD/EADEAC#
The Friend I Never Met (McKee) EGBCDG/EADGBE
November (Bennett) FABbCDG/EADGBE
City on the Hill (Bennett) FABbCDG/EbADGBE (Capo 3)


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Fingerstyle guitar music and art

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