I am a self taught abstract expressionism (AbEx) painter. My work is divided between non-objective abstractions and figurative narratives. My influences are decidedly the heroes of the movement in the late 1940 and 50's; Joan Mitchell, Elaine and Willem deKooning, Grace Hartigan, Helen Frankenthaler and also Jean Paul Riopelle, Jean Michel Basquiat, Detroiters George Graveldinger and Rodney Denne.

I'd love to give you some esoteric artist statement that would require you to get the dictionary out, create a flow chart and enter psychoanalysis to understand. However, I simply paint from my heart. I love color. Lots of it. Texture too. I want none of this to have "sameness". I want to express life (or the after life!) in big bold strokes, in a way that conveys how grateful and humbled I am to have this opportunity to paint!

It might be best to see a lot but not know too much. With this, one can create and paint without fear or restraint. For me things are never really planned too far in advance. Sometimes paintings are started with a mood, an emotion or a personality trait. Sometimes you start with nothing at all - the painting starts talking to you and tells you where it wants to go, what it needs. A battle ensues. A wonderful journey. Who is really in charge here?? I honestly believe your subconscious mind is steering the ship the entire time. 

I love to tell stories in paint. While my figurative narratives all have a story,  I'm more interested in what you see versus what I intended. I'm keenly interested in representing my characters in a way that may not be readily apparent. I like to find different ways to express what's happening in their life, portray another side of their personality or physical characteristics. Many are of people I know. Many are characters I invent.

As Robert Henri most adeptly put it in his book The Art Spirit, "A work of art is the trace of a magnificent struggle". 

I hope you will enjoy these works as much as I have in creating them. 

Thank you for your interest!

jb davies

Fingerstyle guitar music and art

jb davies © 2017